August 6, 2017
Adolf Hitler in Custody Battle

Adolf Hitler is one of the most evil men to ever walk the face of the planet. He also happens to be a little boy in New Jersey. Adolf Hitler Campbell was taken away from his parents in 2009 because welfare officials said that his name was a form of abuse.

And Adolf Hitler isn't the only strange name in the Campbell family. Heath and Deborah Campbell named their daughter JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell. But is an offensive name reason enough to divide a family?

Here's a news report filmed shortly after Adolf Hitler was taken away from his parents.

Yahoo! News reports that the Campbells are fighting to get their children back. The Campbell's say that Adolf Hitler was wrongfully taken away since there was no evidence of abuse.

Heath said:

"The judge and [the Division of Youth and Family Services) told us that there was no evidence of abuse and that it was the names. They were taken over the children's names."
Ms. Campbell added:
“I don’t sleep, I don’t eat much. I miss my kids. Miss their pitter patters on the floor."
The Campbell's insist that they are not neo-Nazi supporters, despite the fact that their home is decorated with swastikas. But even if the Campbells are neo-Nazis, does that mean that they aren't allowed to have children?

If Gwenyth Paltrow can name her daughter Apple. If Jason Lee can name his son Pilot Inspektor. If Bob Geldof can name his kids Fifi-Trixibelle, Peaches, Little Trixie, and Honeyblossom, then why can't the Campbells name their son Adolph?

Why can this dad dress this kid like this?

father of the year

Kids are going to be subjected to all of their parents beliefs and flaws. Whether the parents are Nazis, uber-christian preachers, extreme right nut jobs, or liberal lefty pot heads, they have the right to raise their children how they choose. Right?

Or does naming your kid Adolf Hitler cross a line?