October 18, 2014
Darren Wilson Grand Jury Testimony Lasts Four Hours

Darren Wilson reportedly told the Michael Brown shooting grand jury that he struggled with the teenagers just moments before the fatal shots were fired in Ferguson. During the brief scuffle, Officer Wilson said Mike Brown reached for his gun, according to an accounting of the grand jury testimony published first by the New York Times.

Darren Wilson spent four hours testifying before the Mike Brown shooting grand jury. Some legal experts asked about the case stated that they were surprised the Ferguson police officer opted to testify in front of the grand jury – testimony by the accused is not required by law.

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's gun was fired twice inside the cruiser, according to FBI forensics test. The first bullet reportedly struck Michael Brown in the arm, the second bullet fired did not hit either Brown or Wilson. The FBI forensic tests also reportedly showed Mike Brown's blood on the interior door panel of the Ferguson police cruiser, Darren Wilson's uniform, and on the gun.

The Missouri law enforcement officer also told the authorities that Michael Brown had both punched and scratched him. The physical attack left cuts on Wilson's neck and swelling on his face, according to the Ferguson police officer's official statement.

The alleged struggle between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown could prove to be a deciding factor with the member of the Mike Brown shooting grand jury.

"Wilson's state of mind, his feeling of vulnerability and his sense of heightened alert when he killed Mr. Brown" could be influential information to the grand jury, the New York Times said. "The officials said that while the federal investigation was continuing, the evidence so far did not support civil rights charges against Officer Wilson. To press charges, the Justice Department would need to clear a high bar, proving that Officer Wilson willfully violated Mr. Brown's civil rights when he shot him."

The Ferguson police officer's testimony contradicts the accounting of multiple alleged eyewitnesses to the Michael Brown shooting. Wilson said that he felt pinned in his cruiser and feared for his life, according to CNN, which cited unnamed government officials familiar with the pending civil rights case. Separate local and federal investigations into the Mike Brown shooting are still ongoing. If the unnamed government official's statements are accurate, no evidence presented to date indicates that Darren Wilson violated Michael Brown's civil rights.

Do you think the Michael Brown shooting grand jury will indict Darren Wilson?

[Image via: SCG News]