China Releases A Weird Advertisement To Make Its Citizens Better Tourists

Tourists in a foreign land may often come across as uncouth and ignorant to the local customs. Hence the People’s Republic of China took it upon themselves to educate its citizens about the proper etiquettes to follow when overseas. However, the advertisement weirdly shows an animal that exhibits all sorts of strange behavior.

A TV ad screened in China was aimed at reminding people to be better behaved during their overseas trips. In its attempt to educate its citizens, the ad portrays tourists as pandas who publicly urinate, litter, intrude on photos, and draw graffiti on trees. Surprisingly set in Sydney, “The Civilised Panda Travel Services” has been created by advertising agency DDB China Group and was commissioned by Chinese state television broadcaster CCTV as a “public service announcement.”

In the bizarre video, pandas are seen engaging in rude and lewd behavior while touring the sights the beautiful Sydney Harbor has to offer, reported Fox News.

The first scenario involves a panda snoozing and taking up an entire park bench before an elderly woman wakes it up. She gestures for him to move over, and the panda politely complies. A second panda is then seen walking through a park while sipping on a bottle of water as a gardener is working. The panda finishes the bottle and disposes of it by throwing it over his shoulder, hitting the man tending to flowers who shakes his head when he realizes what has happened. Other infuriating scenarios seen throughout the announcement include a panda vandalizing a tree with spray paint, urinating in public, and taking up entire footpaths with shopping bags.

However, one of the most peculiar behaviors shows the panda budging in on other people’s photos in front of the Sydney Opera House. Around the world, such a practice is referred to as photobombing, and clearly China seems to disapprove such seemingly rude behavior. The advertisement ends with “Be a good panda, be a good tourist.”

Unsurprisingly, the insulting advertisement has been pulledand no longer streams on the CCTV channels, reported Stuff. DDB Group Asia Pacific Chief Communications Officer Karen See said this version of the advertisement was a “director’s cut,” and did not air on television. The only thing missing from the nationwide released ad was the panda urinating in public. Speaking about the rather hurtful and weird ad, Karen said.

“It was a public service announcement reminding the people of China to be aware of their actions when traveling overseas.”

While the ad may seem insensitive, Asians are particularly disliked for their rude and inconsiderate behavior. When asked about the video, people commented the agency should have added advice about shouting, spitting, ignoring queues, and blocking aisles in shops too.

[Image Credit | Video Grab]