October 10, 2016
Six-Month-Old Baby Girl Left Inside Car For Six Hours In Oregon Parking Lot Dies

A 6-month-old baby girl has died after she was left inside a car outside the campus of technology giant Intel's Hillsboro campus in Oregon. The baby girl was left inside the car by her own father, an Intel employee who forgot the fact that the girl was inside the vehicle when he left it at the parking lot. According to KOIN 6 News, the report of an unresponsive baby girl in a vehicle was first reported to the Hillsboro Fire Department as well as the Hillsboro Police Department by the father of the baby girl.

The baby girl's mother and paramedics tried to administer CPR to the infant, who had reportedly gone into cardiac arrest. They were however unable to revive her. Subsequently, the baby girl was taken to the nearby Tuality Hospital, where doctors confirmed that she had died.

Meanwhile, a primary investigation carried out by hospital officials confirmed that the baby was left inside the vehicle for over six hours before the father made the emergency call. It is now being thought that the father who was supposed to have dropped the baby girl in a day care center forgot to do so, and instead drove straight to his office campus and forgot the fact that the baby was with him. It was only hours later that he realized his mistake. However, he did take the baby girl to for a doctor's appointment before he drove straight to office.

According to an ABC News, Lt. Mike Rouches of the Hillsboro police said authorities are still trying to piece together the circumstances that led to the unfortunate incident. He said that the father of the baby girl had parked the car inside the Intel parking lot at around 11 a.m., and it was at 5 p.m. that emergency responders were called in. The baby was trapped inside the car for over six hours.

According to Lt. Roaches, there were no signs of any visible injury on the body, and the mother of the child was administering CPR to her when emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene. Authorities later performed an autopsy on the baby. Officials have told reporters that further investigations need to be done to arrive at a conclusion. Investigators are also talking to the parents of the baby girl. They have accepted the preliminary explanation given by the father. The parents of the baby have not been identified yet.

This case of a parent leaving a child in their car is the latest among similar incidents that The Inquisitr had reported about this year.

[Image Via KPTV]