October 23, 2016
Almost 900,000 Illegals With Removal Orders Are Still In The United States, Includes The 167,000 Convicts!

One of the biggest issues the citizens of the United States is split over is illegal immigration. The Inquisitr has been keeping up with the latest news, which in this case is concentrated on the border situation. Texas was upset that the National Guard was sent to the border, mostly to protect it from illegals from crossing over. However, there are still plenty of people who are protesting the situation, which includes 145 people who were arrested for standing their ground. Still, the country is giving more opportunities to illegal immigrants including the option to enlist in the military. And that is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the unique happenings surrounding immigration.

Despite half of the country's push for immigration reform, there are a total of 900,000 illegals with removal orders still in the United States. This also includes the 167,000 convicts The Inquisitr reported on earlier.

According to an article by CNS News, it gathers its report from numbers from a document by Center of Immigration Studies. It is within the document that it states nearly 900,000 illegal aliens are still in United States borders and that 167,000 of them are convicted criminals who were released by the U.S. Immigrations and Customs (ICE). They are currently at large.

It should also be reported that the reason why so many convicted criminals may have been released is because officials of ICE itself. ICE officials, speaking off-the-record, reportedly claimed that ICE officers are instructed to release or take a pass on illegal aliens whose crimes are designated as minor or have family members living legally in the United States. The result is that only a fraction of deportable aliens identified actually will be processed for deportation.

To make things worse, it is said in the report that only 53 percent of criminal illegal aliens encountered by ICE agents are actually deported. The report specifically says this in the following.

"It is important to note that, similarly, only a fraction of those aliens labeled as a criminal threat at the time of encounter were selected for deportation by ICE in 2014. According to the weekly ICE metrics report cited above, as of September 20, 2014, ICE officers had reported 170,125 encounters with aliens deemed a criminal threat. Meanwhile, only 90,500 criminal aliens were issued charging documents, indicating a startlingly large number - potentially nearly 80,000 - of illegal aliens with criminal histories who were able to escape deportation proceedings in 2014, even after being encountered by an ICE officer."
The report also states that less than 2 percent of aliens who have been given final order of removal, but have yet to leave the country, are in the custody of ICE themselves.
"ICE's weekly metrics report includes information on the number of aliens who have been issued a final order of removal, but who remain in the country. As of September 20, 2014, the total number of such aliens was 897,572. Of these, less than 2 percent (14,629) were detained in ICE custody. Yet 174,258 of these post-final-order deportable aliens were convicted criminals. Only about 4 percent (7,477) of the convicted criminal post-final-order aliens were detained in ICE custody."
Now that you've read that most of the illegal aliens given deportation ultimatums are still in the country, what are your views on the situation? Should we further enforce the deportation of these illegal aliens? Should we do something else?