Ansel Elgort Rocks Makeup To Prank Fan, Visits ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Bench [Video]

Ansel Elgort pranked one of his fans by transforming her into a creepy creature on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel’s 12-year-old niece, Allison, was the target of the talk show host’s latest prank. She’s a huge fan of Ansel Elgort, so Jimmy convinced The Fault in Our Stars actor to help him give the girl the surprise of her life.

Jimmy Kimmel revealed that Allison loves creating YouTube makeup tutorials, so he came up with the idea to have Ansel pose as a professional makeup artist with a wacky German accent. To hide his identity, Elgort had to undergo a makeover that turned him into a rock ‘n’ roll lion. It was a Broadway-worthy transformation.

Allison was supposed to be getting a Halloween makeup lesson from Ansel Elgort’s fake makeup pro, but what the poor girl ended up with was a mask that resembled a colorful tortilla squished on her face. Ansel’s lion looked more like a something out of American Horror Story than The Wizard of Oz. Ansel convinced Allison to pray to the makeup gods to make her “fierce, fabulous, and fluorescent,” but obviously they only heard the word “fluorescent.”

Elgort hilariously trashed himself while talking to Allison about her crush, and the poor girl didn’t know how to respond to his Ansel-bashing. However, Allison did prove that humor runs in the family when Ansel asked her if she wanted a beer. Instead of being completely weirded out by being offered alcohol from a strange man, she told him that she wanted tequila instead (no, Chris Hanson wasn’t part of the prank). Allison’s reaction to Ansel Elgort’s reveal in the video below is priceless.

Ansel hasn’t just been busy pulling pranks and learning the fine art of makeup application. According to E! News, the Divergent star recently took a trip to Amsterdam, and while there he visited the iconic bench from The Fault in Our Stars, where characters Hazel and Gus kissed. A few fans of the movie just happened to be hanging out around the hottest seat in town and they were shocked to get a hug from a very gracious Gus.

Ansel Elgort was equally thrilled to be reunited with the bench, and he posed for a smiling selfie with the seat.

In one Instagram caption, Elgort revealed that he interrupted a couple recreating Gus and Hazel’s sweet smooch.

“Asked two people kissing on the bench if that was the bench from tfios. Was a great moment, then asked them to take a pic for me”

Ansel has a good reason for visiting the bench to reminisce about shooting The Fault in Our Stars. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Elgort is very proud of his work on the film, and he’s happy that he’s known for playing a character like Gus.

“I couldn’t be happier about being known for The Fault in Our Stars,” Ansel said. “I’m lucky because a lot of people get known for big films and don’t really get to show themselves.”

Do you think Ansel Elgort’s recent actions show that he’s a star who really appreciates the fans?

[Images via Ansel Elgort/Instagram]