Kate Middleton: When Is She Actually Due? Did Illness Make Her Announce Pregnancy Early?

Kate Middleton has spent the last few months struggling to get over the hyperemesis gravidarum that has so far been a constant source of strife throughout her pregnancy.

This has even led her to avoid public appearances as she looks to fully recover from the illness. She is also currently resting at her family home in an attempt to make a speedy recovery. However despite the obvious joyful news about her pregnancy there is still some confusion about how far along Middleton actually is.

It was originally announced on September 8 that Kate was pregnant. Reports have since emerged that she hasn't even reached her 12th week of pregnancy, which is when couples usually announce that they are expecting a child. Because of this The Telegraph have made the prediction that she will actually give birth to Prince George's brother or sister in early May, 2015.

It's been speculated that Middleton was actually only four weeks pregnant when the announcement was made because hyperemesis gravidarum usually starts between the first month and seventh week of pregnancy.

Middleton was actually forced to make the early revelation because her vomiting had become so severe. This meant that she had been forced to cancel a number of important engagements, such as her short trip to Malta.

According to The Telegraph, their royal sources have informed them that Kate is actually suffering just as badly as she did when she was expecting Prince George. However, she has decided not to visit a hospital this time and is instead trying to grin and bare it at home. It also sounds as if Middleton is set to still be ill for the next six weeks too. It's believed that hyperemesis gravidarum eventually runs it course around the 14 to 16 week range.

Currently there isn't a confirmed date for her to return to royal duties. Middleton has so far been out of the public eye for 38 days, while Kensington Palace released a statement last week that declared she hoped to attend the welcome ceremony for the President of Singapore. This will be held on October 21.

Yesterday The Inquisitr reported that a source close to Middleton had confirmed she often starts off the day feeling like she has overcome her illness, but by the afternoon she has taken a turn for the worse.

"Kate often starts the morning feeling great, but then she'll take a turn by the afternoon. It's not fun for her at all."
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