Meg Whitman: Hewlett-Packard Will Keep Manufacturing PCs

Former eBay CEO and recently hired Hewlett-Packard head Meg Whitman announced on Thursday that HP will keep their $41 billion computer division in place. HP had previously said they were considering spinning off their PC division to focus on the business to business core of their business.

Speaking about the company’s reversal of decision Whitman says an analysis of their operations showed that breaking away from the PC market would be a foolish decision from a business standpoint.

At this time it’s still unclear what will happen to the company’s acquisition of WebOS and HP’s mobile devices business, both of which have failed to grab the mass appeal of Smartphone users who have been picking up millions of Apple and Android OS phones.

Speaking about the important of WebOS Roger Cheng at CNET wrote:

“If the company wants to remain a major player in the consumer technology business, it will need to have a mobile strategy. WebOS remains a viable one, if the company can actually get its act together.”

Do you think holding onto their PC business was a good decision?