‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Films Only In U.S. — Ebola Fears Or A Slim Budget For Season 19?

Star of The Bachelor this coming season, Chris Soules will be filming hometown dates soon and has yet to travel outside of the United States. ABC’s popular reality show is known for filming in exotic destinations around the world, like Belize, Thailand, and South Africa. Is international travel off the list for Chris and his ladies due to Ebola fears or are producers working with a slimmer budget this season?

Reality Steve reports that Chris Soules and his remaining ladies wrapped up filming episode 5 in New Mexico this week. The first four episodes were filmed in California and the cast and crew are now headed to South Dakota to film episode 6. Steve states that episode 7 will be filmed in Iowa and then Chris’ will travel throughout the U.S. to meet his final four for hometown dates (episode 8).

If any of the women signed up to be a contestant on Season 19 of The Bachelor just to travel around the globe, they may be a bit disappointed that they have not had used their passports yet. Of course, that overused phrase, “she’s not here for the right reasons,” will undoubtedly come into play if any of the ladies gripe about not getting to travel internationally while they are supposedly on a quest to find love.

While it doesn’t seem unlikely that ABC could be mulling over restricting international travel due to concerns over the Ebola outbreak, it’s possible that producers are trying to play up Farmer Chris’s All-American image and do all or most of the filming here in the U.S.

As far as a budget-friendly season of The Bachelor, perhaps the network is still reeling from last season, one that starred a man NY Mag calls “the worst Bachelor in history” — none other than Juan Pablo. There is speculation that ABC invested an enormous amount of money last season and it didn’t have the fairy tale ending they hoped for, something they probably don’t want to happen again.

For fans who enjoy watching The Bachelor travel to romantic destinations around the world, there is still a glimmer of hope that Chris Soules will end his journey in an exotic location outside of the U.S. Reality Steve claims that Soules and his final four picks are “definitely leaving the country for overnights” and will also be out of the country to film the final rose ceremony.

ABC has not confirmed any of Chris’ upcoming itinerary, so there’s only one sure way to find out where he travel to this season — tune in on January 5, 2014 when The Bachelor Season 19 begins.

Are you looking forward to watching Chris Soules’ season of Bachelor?

[Image: DesMoines Register]