Jon Gosselin Evicted: Dad Of Eight Failed To Pay Rent, ‘Broke’ Again

Jon Gosselin has been evicted from his home. The former reality star has no place to live after he failed to make his rent payments. According to Yahoo! News, Gosselin is moving out — but it’s unknown where he plans on going. And as far as his eight kids go, sources say that he can see them but they can’t sleep over his place because, well, he doesn’t have a place.

“It’s true. He was evicted last week and has been in the process of moving out,” shared a source, who said that Jon ended up getting a job that only lasted a few months. “Now, he’s broke again,” the source added.

Jon Gosselin was evicted months after breaking up with his latest girlfriend, Liz Jannetta. Despite Jon’s strong desire to stay away from reality television, he and Jannetta appeared on VH1’s Couples Therapy. It’s unknown how much money the two were paid to do the show, but evidently it was not enough to pay rent long term.

According to Mail Online, Gosselin has had a pretty tough time lately. His ex-wife Kate, on the other hand, seems to be doing okay for herself. Clearly taking the lead over making sure that her eight kids have everything that they need, Kate has made things work. Between her TLC reality show specials and book profits, Kate has provided for her kids the best that she can. Jon, on the other hand, has bounced from job to job over the past several years. He even waited tables at a small restaurant, but was fired for being late to work on too many occasions.

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin has tried to be in his kids’ lives as much as he can — or as much as Kate will allow him to be. There were some rumors that he wanted to obtain full custody of his brood and, according to The Inquisitr, might have been planning on taking his ex to court. Of course none of that would fly now since Jon doesn’t have a job — or a house.

In other news, the Gosselin family (sans Jon) will be back on television just before the holidays. The Gosselins filmed a few specials which will air on TLC in the next month or so. It’s unknown if Kate has any more things in the works but (if you’re a fan) you will also get to see her on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice when that returns, likely sometime in early 2015.

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images via VH1]