Kate Middleton Morning Sickness: Two Doctors Overseeing Duchess, Condition Monitored On Daily Basis, Lost Weight Due To Vomiting

Kate Middleton is still suffering from the debilitating morning sickness that has been a constant source of pain throughout her pregnancy.

It has apparently become so severe over the last few weeks that she has now been forced to be monitored by two doctors. The Hyperemesis Gravidarum is, according to the International Business Times, only getting worse, which is what has forced doctors to take this severe step.

Health officials had hoped that the Duchess Of Cambridge, who has been diagnosed with the condition for over a month, would have returned to fitness by now. Unfortunately, it shows no signs of abating, and this has even forced Middleton to pull out of a number of royal engagements.

People reported at the end of last month that Middleton is apparently being monitored on a daily basis by doctors.

A royal source told the publication, "There are engagements she would like to do over the coming months, but they are being reviewed daily."

However as her condition has only become more severe and lasted longer than officials expected, you can only imagine that doctors have been looking at her developments even more deeply now.

A friend of Middleton and the Royal family is even believed to have told People that "she is not at all well," and that she has actually lost weight because of all the vomiting that she's done.

The Boston Herald alleged that Middleton is being overseen by two doctors who are checking on her health on a daily basis.

However, despite her horrific illness, the Duchess has noted that one of her doctors, Dr. Alan Farthing, has been "an angel during rougher moments." Meanwhile, despite being bed-ridden by her illness, Middleton hasn't even been able to watch her favorite television show, Downton Abbey, as she is too ill to focus on it.

The Boston Herald's source has admitted that she normally starts the day feeling as if she has overcome her ailment, but by the afternoon she finds that she is once again stricken.

"Kate often starts the morning feeling great, but then she'll take a turn by the afternoon. It's not fun for her at all."

They also went on to add that the nausea is definitely worse with this pregnancy in comparison to when she was carrying Prince George. Doctors have't yet revealed when Kate can expect this illness to pass, but the insider confirmed that, rather than her well being, her unborn child is her primary concern.

[Image via The Daily Beast]