October 16, 2014
ISIS Reportedly In Possession Of Chemical Weapons Following Alleged Sulfur Assault On Kobani

According to a recent report, which surfaced as ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, heavily assault the Kurdish rebels of Kobani, the Jihadist group are in possession of chemical weapons which they are not scared of using.

Research found that chemical munitions may have been used against Kurdish forces since July, as three Kurds were confirmed dead as the result of a chemical attack.

The report, published by GLORIA, The Global Research in International Affairs Center, noted that there is clear evidence and photographs, taken by Kurds, which prove that at least some of their forces were killed by some type of chemical weapon.

An expert who examined the photos of the deceased Kurds discovered that they died as a result of toxic gas attack, most likely sulfur mustard.

"At least in one incident, the Islamic State used chemical weapons against the Syrian Kurds in Kobani," the report said.

It has also been widely reported that the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS have stepped up their airstrikes against the militants, and over the past two days, have struck ISIS near to Kobani, where they have taken over at least half of the Syrian city.

The coalition have been able to target ISIS forces more accurately, having been fed the coordinates of their locations by the Kurds defending the city. Apparently, the coalition has struck ISIS 40 times in the last 48 hours, which is triple the air strikes from last week.

Even though the U.S.-led strikes have focused on ISIS in Iraq since August, in September the coalition extended the campaign to Syria after the forces attacking Kobani were ignored for the most part.

A monitoring group said the strikes had also become more effective, killing at least 32 Islamic State fighters in direct hits this week, and it looks like the coalition will continue with the additional pressure on ISIS to stop them from spreading their take on the religion of peace any further.