Scottish Single-Malt Wins World Whisky Of The Year

1,200 Whisky’s competed for the 2011 World Whiskey of the Year award but only one could win and that honor went to a single-malt whisky out of Scotland.

The Old Pulteney whisky from the Pulteney distillery in Wick, northern Scotland scored 97.5 out of 100 points, tying the highest score ever received at the competition.

The barely known 21-year-old whisky sells for $120 a bottle.

Speaking about the single-malt connoisseur Whisky Bible author Jim Murray told AFP:

“I was on the home straight after four months of continuous tasting,” Murray added, “By that time I was pretty sure I knew what the winner was going to be. It needed something exceptional to knock the leader off its perch. That’s exactly what happened.”

Taking the runner up position was US bourbon George T. Stagg.

What’s your favorite brand of whisky? I personally love the Glenlivet aged 18 years in white oak.