‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Who Is Still Standing Toward The End Of The Series?

The final season of Sons of Anarchy is now at the midway point and viewers definitely had a lot to take in during Tuesday night’s show. Juice Ortiz is back with the club, but not in a good way. Fans have been theorizing for months now who Kurt Sutter might kill off in these final episodes, but now there’s a key Sons of Anarchy spoiler via some photos that may eliminate a few possibilities.

While episode 7 of season 7 is the next to air on FX, the cast and crew is nearing the end of the show’s filming as a whole. Show creator Kurt Sutter has indicated that there will probably be two SAMCRO deaths this season, which has had everybody speculating. At the end of episode 6, it certainly appeared that Juice may be meeting Mr. Mayhem very soon.

However, the SOA preview for the next episode appears to indicate that Ortiz may find a way to appease Jax for his earlier betrayal. If Juice does live, that leaves many speculating about who may end up dying soon instead.

Given that this is the last season of the series, all bets are essentially off. Sutter loves to surprise viewers, and he has sprinkled some hints about what may lie ahead along the path to the final episode. Some viewers theorize that Bobby will die, while others think it will be Tig or perhaps Chibs. Sutter has said that a core character will die in episode 9 or 10. It is also known that Venus van Dam is back in episode 10, which got many speculating.

To a degree, SOA fans may be able to breathe one tiny sigh of relief after one key reveal online. The site Charlie Hunnam scored some new photos taken during filming on October 14. While the shots are from just a small part of filming, several actors were present seemingly alive and well.

Sons of Anarchy spoilers from the photos indicate that Charlie’s character Jax Teller is with Tig, Chibs and Happy during this portion of filming. That is good news for those characters, as it means they at least make it through Sutter’s epic episode where someone key dies.

It’s not clear just how close to the final scenes filming is during these photos, though Sutter has revealed that he’s finished writing the finale. How does it all end for SAMCRO? Nobody knows and when it comes to Kurt Sutter, there are too many possibilities to count.

The next episode of SOA is titled “Greensleeves” and viewers are dying to know Juice’s fate. The Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview shows Jax seemingly offering Juice’s kutte back to him, but fans are guessing whatever goes down is not nearly so simple as a flat-out reconciliation. Tune in to the season 7, episode 7 show of Sons of Anarchy airing on Tuesday, October 21 to see where things are headed next on this final ride.

[Image via Byron Cohen]