Man Attacked By Grizzly Bear, Shot By Friend, Survives

Jennifer Deutschmann

A Canadian man was attacked by a bear and shot by his friend. Miraculously, 56-year-old Wilf Lloyd survived the harrowing experience. The B.C. Ministry of Environment confirmed the experienced hunter and taxidermist is currently in stable condition. However, the bear was shot and killed at the scene.

Lloyd and his son-in-law Skeet Podrasky were hunting elk in Fernie when they were approached by a large grizzly bear. As reported by CBC, the bear began attacking and mauling Mr. Lloyd.

Podarsky responded by shooting at the bear. Unfortunately, the first shot missed its mark and hit his father-in-law. Although Podarsky eventually shot and killed the bear, Lloyd was seriously injured in the attack.

Conservation officers were immediately called to the scene. Although the man was attacked by a bear and shot, he remained in stable condition. Lloyd was transported by ATV to a waiting helicopter and flown to a hospital in Calgary. Authorities said he received numerous injuries. However, he is expected to survive.

As reported by Vancouver Sun, grizzly encounters are fairly common in and around Flathead Valley. Officials estimate more than 150 bears populate the region. Although attacks are uncommon, they often end in tragedy.

A subspecies of the North American brown bear, grizzlies can reach heights of 8-foot and weigh up to 800 pounds. Although they are omnivorous, grizzlies primarily feed on fish and smaller mammals.

Grizzlies do not seek humans as a source of food. However, they can be dangerous if they are startled or feel threatened. As reported by National Geographic, female grizzlies are specifically dangerous if they are protecting their cubs.

Last month, Rick Cross was killed by a Grizzly bear in Kananaskis County. Authorities said the hunter unwittingly disturbed a mother bear and her cubs. The attack was eventually ruled "defensive" as it appears that the bear was trying to protect her cubs and their food. Authorities noted a fresh deer carcass was also discovered at the scene.

As their numbers continue to wane, grizzly bears are classified as a threatened species in the continental United States. However, they remain prized trophies for game hunters. Unfortunately, interacting with a grizzly bear can have dire consequences.

Miraculously, the Canadian man survived being attacked by a bear and shot by his son-in-law. However, his story of survival is genuinely rare.

[Images via Shutterstock and CBC]