Toddler Saved From Drowning By Pampers Diaper

A toddler was saved from drowning this week when their diaper acted as a flotation device. The child’s parents were involved in a violent quarrel when their car careened into a murky lake.

Deputy Cazi Navarro told the Sun-Sentinel:

“All of a sudden this little thing popped up like a cork.”

The officer grabbed the 3-year-old from the water at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

The baby’s mother Catherine Copeland, 33 was also pulled to safety while the father Sandro Michel, 27, drowned.

According to reports Sandro was hitting Catherine at the time of the crash and court documents reveal that he was on probation for three earlier domestic battery charges. According to court documents Sandro was also to have no personal contact with Copeland.

After the accident little baby Sariyah was taken to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood where she was listed in critical but stable condition.

Before the accident occurred police were called to the RaceTrac gas station to investigate a couple fighting. One witness said they saw the car swerving as Michel hit Copeland repeatedly as she drove away from the gas station.

Copeland’s uncle Ronald Bolds said the couple were “having a few problems.” while adding, “She had a little argument or something with her old man, so he grabbed the steering wheel and tried to kill them both.”

Police are still investigating the case and they are not offering further information at this time.

If this story isn’t the best ever advertisement for Pampers I’m not sure what is.