Christina Aguilera To Return To ‘The Voice’ For Season 8

Christina Aguilera is making her return to The Voice. After being replaced by Shakira and Gwen Stefani, Aguilera is ready to take her rightful place as mentor to those hoping to get into the music industry.

Aguilera went on leave after focusing on her second pregnancy, but now that she’s given birth to her daughter, Summer Rain Rutler, she has officially announced that she’s returning to The Voice as originally expected.

The last time she was on the show, Aguilera was getting engaged to her longtime boyfriend Matt Rutler. Now, she’s a new mommy to their first child together, Summer Rain Rutler, who joins older brother Max Bratman.

Although The Voice is currently in session for Season 7 with Gwen Stefani, Aguilera is set to return for season 8 with Pharrell Williams, who is currently enjoying his first season on the show alongside Stefani, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. As always, once Aguilera returns, she will be seated with panelists Levine and Shelton, who are the only two not to have departed from the show, despite their endeavors as musicians.

This news was broken by The Voice’s host Carson Daly on his morning gig at Today.

Although Aguilera is returning to The Voice, she campaigned for Gwen from the very beginning when it was announced that she would be stepping in for her.

On April 28, Aguilera tweeted out:

“So excited to have you join #TheVoice squad @GwenStefani! Welcome to our crazy fam! Kisses- xoxo #blondesdoitbest.”

As for how Stefani is doing on The Voice, everyone really seems to love her style of mentoring.

The Washington Post wrote back in September that Stefani revealed a few layers that the public wasn’t aware she had. ” Stefani had a sense of humor about herself, even bantering with the contestant James David Carter when he told her, “Thank you for teaching me how to spell ‘bananas.'” (In re: the most famous line from “Hollaback Girl” that goes “This [expletive] is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.”) She seemed pleased by that.”

As for Pharrell, The Washington Post stated that he connects with contestants and has a likable soft spoken manner that eases people.

“He also delivered some life coach-worthy inspirational speeches. ‘Did you not have to fight all your life?’ he asked as Elyjuh tearfully nodded. Pharrell encouraged him to believe in himself. ‘Did you not just sing that on stage just now?'”

Aguilera’s seasons on the show have been polarizing as some love her and some hate the singer’s often blunt criticisms, but in the end, she also makes for some good drama too.

[Image via NBC]