’19 Kids And Counting’ Spoilers: Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard Prepare For Nuptials In ‘Wedding Countdown!’

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are inching closer to their wedding day on each episode of 19 Kids & Counting. While some fans were thinking that the wedding would be shown this week, that isn’t the case. Yes, viewers are still facing some waiting before Jill walks down the aisle on television. What 19 Kids & Counting spoilers are available for the October 14 show?

This week’s episode is titled “Wedding Countdown!” TV Guide teases 19 Kids & Counting spoilers that, at this point in the show, Jill’s wedding is a week away. She and Derick will be working on finding furniture for their new house at a local auction. They will also be putting together transportation for their wedding rehearsal. Additional 19 Kids spoilers indicate that Jill and Derick will be doing some premarital counseling with Jim Bob and Michelle.

Given those teases, does that mean that Jill and Derick’s wedding will air in the next episode, airing on October 21? Fans have felt sure that would be the case given the tease that this episode features the Duggar wedding preparations a week ahead of the big day. However, TLC isn’t quite ready to air that wedding yet.

The next episode is titled “All About Jill” and it’ll feature her bridal shower. Jill will be spending time with new moms she has met through her work as a midwife, as it seems they are all attending the bridal shower. The titled and description for the October 28 19 Kids episode hasn’t been revealed quite yet. Could that finally be the big wedding?

Fans think it might, but then again many would guess that TLC may squeeze in an episode of a rehearsal dinner and such yet. It would certainly seem likely that TLC will have the wedding in an episode all its own, and many suspect it will be the season finale. The network’s press site indicates that this current season of 19 Kids & Counting will wrap up some time in November, so it may well be a bit longer before Jill and Derick’s wedding finally airs.

Jill and Derick recently shared a pregnancy update with fans, as they have passed the 15-week mark. They teased that they’ll have an announcement for fans during the October 21 show. Will it be the date the wedding will air? Will it be news of twins coming or the baby’s gender? Fans are busy speculating, but they will have to wait a bit longer yet to find out.

Tune in to 19 Kids & Counting airing on TLC on Tuesday nights to see Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s wedding countdown.

[Image via Jill Dillard’s Instagram]