Teacher So Drunk That Principle Thought She Was Having A Seizure

A kindergarten teacher in London, England drank so much on her lunch break recently that her schools principal thought she was having a seizure when teaching and called an ambulance to rescue the 51-year-old educator.

According to the principal he though Penny Truman was having a seizure when she couldn’t control herself.

After the incident the teachers council found Truman guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail an official says that Penny Truman’s “actions have the potential to bring the reputation and standing of the profession into serious disrepute.”

The official also said:

“She was clearly going through a period of personal stress, apparently deteriorating health, she suffered a family bereavement at the time and was exhausted.”

Penny will not be fired assuming she shows a “satisfactory medical report” before returning to her place of employment. The report must show that Truman is in good mental health before returning to work.

At least the students didn’t spike their teachers drink like Bart Simpson and his class did to Mrs. Krabappel during an episode of the Simpsons (pictured above).

Do you think the teacher should have been fired or is psychological evaluation enough to place her back into good standing?