‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: EJ DiMera Still Alive — EJ’s Death Faked?

Days of Our Lives certainly has fans talking. The NBC soap shocked viewers when the character of EJ DiMera was shot dead in Salem park, but is James Scott’s beloved character really dead or could he be faking his death? EJ may rise from the ashes like his father.

As previously reported by The Inqusitr, on Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Sami Brady said an emotional goodbye to her husband EJ, who certainly looked dead lying on the table in the morgue at Salem Hospital.

However, as news began to travel that EJ DiMera was dead, his father, Stefano DiMera, called in a favor. Stefano phoned his daughter Kristen with some instructions, which she seemingly followed.

After Days of Our Lives fans watched Sami Brady’s tearful farewell to EJ, Kristen showed up in the morgue but she wasn’t alone. She brought with her a syringe filled with a mysterious liquid, which she then injected into EJ’s seemingly dead body.

Of course, Days of Our Lives fans were in an uproar over the final scene of the episode, and immediately began to wonder if EJ DiMera might still be alive, and if his death was being faked for some reason.

Days of Our Lives viewers quickly jumped on social media to debate whether or not EJ DiMera was really dead and why he might fake his own death, and the sea of theories and opinions waved over the internet, exciting fans who love the long-running soap opera.

While the answers aren’t clear, it does seem there is more to this story line than EJ simply dying as a way to write actor James Scott’s character off the show.

As many Days of Our Lives fans know, both EJ, played by James Scott, and Sami, portrayed by Alison Sweeney, will be leaving the soap this month, and many viewers believe they’ll leave together, and very much alive.

According to TV Fanatic, EJ faking his death is a very real possibility, and would give both Sami and EJ an opening to return to Days of Our Lives if James Scott and/or Alison Sweeney were to want to come back, or execs wanted to recast the roles in the future.

While details about where EJ and Sami may go and if EJ DiMera is, in fact, still alive and has faked his own death aren’t clear, some viewers believe that the couple could take their children and go live with EJ’s mother, Susan Banks, who recently made an appearance on Days of Our Lives and begged her son to move to England to live with her and her husband as a way to escape the dangers that lurk in the ever dramatic Salem.

While there are so many unanswered questions, fans will simply have to tune in to Days of Our Lives each weekday to get the full scoop.

Do you think EJ DiMera is alive or dead on Days of Our Lives?

[Image Credit: NBC]