Kate Middleton Doesn't Want A Third Baby Due To Extreme Morning Sickness Symptoms

Even though it has been widely reported that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William intended to have at least three children, new reports suggest that the royal couple will stop at just two, due to the extreme morning sickness Kate has endured with her second pregnancy.

The Epoch Times reported yesterday that the Duchess has suffered from an even worse case of morning sickness during her current pregnancy than her first, and she simply can't face another round of the condition in the future.

During her second pregnancy Kate Middleton has suffered from a severe case of hyperemesis gravidarum, which is nicknamed morning sickness but in reality is a whole lot worse than just feeling nauseous when waking.

A source told the publication, "Originally, the couple had talked about having lots of kids–but hadn't anticipated Kate enduring such a tough time, She was terribly worried Wills would be heartbroken–but he was touchingly sympathetic! Assuring her he's happy with Bonnie Prince Georgie and the pending bun, he declared: 'I never want to see you suffer like this again!'"

That obviously changes the reality for Kate and William who, according to a report in Globe magazine recently, had indicated in the past that they wanted a total of three children, within a five year period. They also specifically wanted their children to be close in age proximity.

Fortunately for Kate Middleton, her husband Prince William has been nothing but supportive to her during her current pregnancy, as a source told the Boston Herald, that William has been a pillar of support for his wife,

"It's been so difficult, but she has all the people she loves around her. William's been amazing throughout all of this. He's in constant communication with the doctors. He doesn't like seeing Kate unwell and just wants her to get better so they can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy," said the source.

It remains to be seen whether or not the current round of rumors surrounding Kate and William having more babies turn out to be true but it wouldn't be a surprise to most if the Duchess decided to call it a day at two children due to what she goes through when pregnant.