Real Life Sharknado: Is Something Strange Happening To Sharks In North Carolina?

Several videos have emerged from Cape Lookout, North Carolina, revealing the local shark population in a shoreline feeding frenzy that involved over a hundred animals, less than a month after dozens of dead sharks washed ashore just South of the same area.

According to Shark Attack News, two videos have been posted online depicting a feeding frenzy in Cape Lookout, though it is unclear at this time if the recordings depict the same event. The first video was recorded by Chris Malone on October 7th, revealing numerous sharks flailing about in the surf as they attack fish near the shoreline.

The second video, filmed on the same North Carolina beach, was captured by Donnie Griggs and posted to Facebook on Sunday, October 12th by Brian Recker. The video shows multiple sharks beaching themselves on the surfline, and appears to be taken at a different time of day, although it is impossible to be sure. Recker called the incident a "Sharknado," though he was unable to identify the species of shark involved. According to his description, over a hundred sharks were involved in the frenzy.

The feeding frenzy comes less than a month after a strange occurrence involving dozens of sharks took place just South of Cape Lookout, in Oak Hill, North Carolina. In late September, residents were shocked to discover nearly 50 small sharks had washed ashore and died, sprawled across the sand. The sharks ranged in size between one and five feet in length.

"First time ever, I've lived in Oak Island for some time and walk the beach regularly and I've seen dead fish in the surf from time to time but nothing like that, ever," resident Mike Boswell told WWAY.

North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries officials removed the sharks from the scene and are investigating the cause of their deaths, according to WFLA. Since the sharks were discovered below the tideline, their deaths fall under the purview of Marine Fisheries, officials of which have postulated that bycatch (unintended fishing) may be the cause.

Earlier this year, a North Carolina teen was attacked by a small shark two to three feet in length at Sunset Beach, as The Inquisitr previously noted, leaving him with lacerations on his foot, but no life threatening injuries.

[Image: Donnie Griggs via Facebook]