Joe Giudice Agrees To Serve More Time Behind Bars

Joe Giudice appeared in court on Monday, Oct. 13, where he agreed to serve more time in prison. During his appearance, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star agreed to a plea deal in regard to his driver's license fraud case, which could mean up to 10 additional years behind bars.

Following his court appearance, an insider spoke out, telling Radar Online a plea deal had been met after "prosecutors signed off on allowing Joe to serve the prison time in the drivers license case concurrently with the bankruptcy fraud."

As The Inquisitr reported, Joe and his wife, Teresa, were sentenced for charges of fraud on Oct 2. Teresa received a 15-month sentence, and Joe got a 41-month term. However, because of his latest plea deal, Joe may spend much more time in the slammer. As the source explained, "It's likely Joe will remain behind bars longer than the 41 months in prison …"

Prosecutors are currently requesting the judge on Joe's case give him five years behind bars, but at the end of the day, it's up to the judge, and he could sentence Joe to up to 10 years.

When Joe receives his sentencing for the driver's license fraud case, his wife will not be at his side. Teresa "has no plans on going to court with Joe," the source revealed. "She hasn't been to one appearance with him for this case, so she figures why now?"

In addition to his time behind bars, Joe is also facing a possible deportation as The Inquisitr previously reported. Because the reality star and father of four never obtained U.S. citizenship, he may be forced to do his time in Italy or be deported immediately after his release. "I'm gonna worry about that when the times comes," he told Radar Online, adding, "That's not such a bad thing … You gotta think about it moment by moment, and day by day. You can't think five years from now."

As Teresa prepares for her prison term, she says she wants her husband to step up and be both mother and father to their girls.

"I want my husband to be there for my daughters," she said. "Joe has his mother and his sister [too if needed, but] I want him to be there for my daughters," she said. "What breaks my heart is that I don't want to be away from my dad [though] because he's always in and out of the hospital…and that's [what I need my brother for]. I said [to him], 'The only thing you can do for me is see mommy and daddy every week'…and [then] I want Joe [Giudice] to be Mr. Mom."

Joe Giudice is due in court on Wednesday to receive his sentence.

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