Joe Giudice Might Get Deported To Italy When Sentenced For His Sins

Due to the fact that Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Joe Giudice never formally became a U.S. citizen, he could, according to inside reports, even face deportation back to Italy when sentenced in court tomorrow.

Having already pleaded guilty and with sentencing just around the corner, Joe Giudice and his wife Teresa could be looking at some serious prison time if recent media reports are anything to go by.

However, according to a report today, the couple may be faced with an even more horrid predicament than the one they are in, especially, as according to insiders, Teresa has no interest in moving to Italy any time soon.

As a source told Radar,

“Teresa absolutely won’t be moving to Italy with Joe if he does get deported. Her life is with her girls in the United States. The kids don’t speak Italian. How will the marriage survive is anyone’s guess at this point.”

The inside source added that Joe Giudice has even been warned by his lawyers that he should prepare himself for the possibility of deportation back to his home country of Italy as, legally, that punishment is appropriate for the crimes he admitted.

The source said,

“He has been told by his lawyers that he should be prepared to be deported back to Italy after serving his prison sentence. There was hope he could avoid being deported on a technicality, but immigration officials are ready to begin the proceedings. This is a high profile case, and the feds don’t want to be viewed as going easy on Joe. But he won’t be deported until he finishes serving the prison sentence.”

According to most estimates, Joe Giudice can expect at least 47 months in prison if he’s not deported, while Teresa is reportedly looking at a much lighter punishment, possibly around 27 months in prison.

All will become clear tomorrow when the Giudices are sentenced in a federal court.

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