‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Show Introducing Cousin Howard Lost Virginity To

The Big Bang Theory is going to introduce another female character, and for once, Howard is not going to be happy about being in the presence of a hottie.

The new girl coming to The Big Bang Theory is an infamous relative of Howard’s, his second cousin Jeanie. According to TV Line, up-and-comer Kara Luiz has been cast in the role.

Fans of the The Big Bang Theory might recall hearing Howie reminisce about the time he lost his virginity to cousin Jeanie. This momentous life event happened in a Toyota Corolla after his uncle’s funeral. Howard and Jeanie started lusting after one another while enjoying the post-funeral pickled herring served at his aunt’s house, and now, Howie disturbingly gets aroused by the mere sight of pickled herring. He told the embarrassing tale of his first time to his friends in the season 3 episode “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” after eating a marijuana-laced brownie.

Kara Luiz isn’t coming to The Big Bang Theory to stir up trouble by telling Bernadette how Howie lost his virginity — Bernadette learned about her husband’s incestuous tryst in the season 5 episode “The Stag Convergence.” Raj shared the story of Howard’s first time during a speech at his bachelor party, and Wil Wheaton posted a video of the speech on YouTube.

Instead of trying to come between Howard and Bernadette, Jeanie is going to make the situation with Stuart even weirder. If you thought that The Big Bang Theory was going the romantic route with Stuart and Howard’s mom, you were wrong — according to TV Line, Howard will be shocked when Stuart shows up to a party with Jeanie on his arm. Maybe Mrs. Wolowitz sets Stuart up with Jeanie.

Poor Stuart has always been on the outside looking in on The Big Bang Theory, watching in despair as all his friends have found love with beautiful women. It’s nice that he’s finally found someone special who can actually be shown on TV, but Howard might make sure that his happiness doesn’t last for long — Howie obviously does not want Stuart to become a part of his family.

Kara Luiz’s credits include the MTV series Disaster Date and Jerks with Cameras. She’ll appear on this season’s seventh episode, which will air on October 30 when The Big Bang Theory returns to its normal Thursday time slot.

In other Big Bang Theory spoiler news, The Inquisitr previously reported that next week’s episode, “The Expedition Approximation,” will feature another fight between Penny and Leonard. This time the couple will argue about their finances. Meanwhile, Raj and Sheldon will hang out in a steam tunnel to see if they’re capable of surviving “a dark-matter research expedition in a salt mine.”

Are you looking forward to finally meeting Howard’s infamous second cousin on The Big Bang Theory?

[Images via IGN, Kara Luiz]