Utah Mom Pleads Guilty to Attempt to Sell Daughter's Virginity

A Utah woman pleaded guilty to two sexual exploitation charges for trying to sell her 13-year old daughter's virginity and asking the girl to model in her underwear for men. She now faces up to 30 years in prison.

In April, the 33-year-old mother offered her daughter's virginity to a man in exchange for $10,000. The daughter agreed and even modeled twice for the man but eventually changed her mind.

The mother also faced two first-degree felony counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child and could have been sent to prison for life. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors drop these charges.

The mother's boyfriend found text messages on her cellphone about the ongoing plan of selling the girl's virginity. He eventually turned them over to the police.

The potential buyer, of virginity, has not been charged. News reports did not name the woman to avoid identifying the minor.

Is 30 years enough for someone who is supposed to be the mother and should be protecting her daughter and not selling her virginity?