‘American Horror Story’ Renewal: Season 5 A Go For FX

Move over, Sons of Anarchy, it looks like American Horror Story is stealing a bit of your thunder. The Season 4 premiere of the new AHS outing, Freak Show, just became FX’s highest-rated telecast in network history. That honor had been held by SoA until now. Given that, it was a no-brainer for FX to go ahead and order Season 5 of the show, a move which has just been made official.

The Hollywood Reporter shares that Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, co-creators of AHS, have been given the green light to pull together another season of 13 episodes. Season 5 of American Horror Story will air on FX in beginning in October 2015. Murphy had recently indicated that he’s already been planning for a new season and has a lot of ideas.

Fans won’t know for a while just what Season 5 of AHS will entail, or who will return. While Jessica Lange had previously indicated she would be done after Freak Show, it seems she’s now told Murphy she’s open to considering what he has in mind. The rest of the casting plans will surely come together over the coming months. Murphy has indicated that there are clues regarding Season 5 planted in these first couple of Freak Show episodes, and fans will be analyzing every moment.

Though FX has had some exceptionally strong shows in the past, particularly with Sons of Anarchy, the trajectory of AHS has been quite impressive. Each season does better than the one before it, even when sometimes general viewer buzz indicates it is a bit of a miss. Despite some feeling a bit let down with Season 3, Coven, it is clear that fans are anxious to give the show another go to see just what is in store with Freak Show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Season 4 premiere bested Season 3’s ratings by 38 percent. Statistics indicate that 10 million viewers tuned in to last week’s Freak Show premiere. Many will be very curious to see if Episode 2 airing this week can stay as strong.

What will the ratings look like as the show continues? If the AHS: Freak Show spoiler previews are any indication, it’s going to be a terrifying and freaky ride. The show obviously did well out of the gate, but Sons of Anarchy fans are still going to be battling for those ratings. Episode 6 of the final season airs Tuesday, and many would imagine the SoA series finale will have monster ratings to showcase as well.

Stay tuned for American Horror Story spoilers as Freak Show progresses and Ryan Murphy starts dropping hints now that the Season 5 renewal is confirmed.

[Image via Michele K. Short/FX]