Lea Michele Flaunts New Boyfriend Matthew Paetz — Is She Finally Over Cory Monteith?

Lea Michele and long-time boyfriend Cory Monteith had a romance so intertwined with their careers that it makes sense Lea had trouble letting go. But now Glee is gearing up for its sixth and final season, allowing Michele to leave behind the comedy series where both Lea her character Rachel Berry fell in love with Cory. The real question is, will the end of Glee allow Lea to move on in her love with boyfriend Matthew Paetz once and for all?

Michele has been extremely subtle about her love life since Monteith’s untimely death of a heroin and alcohol overdose in July 2013. Fans of Glee are obviously a bit sensitive on the issue, having made such grandiose associations between Cory and Lea in real life with their characters on the show. Michele made the announcement that she was officially in a relationship with Matthew in June. Over the weekend, she posted some of their first selfies together via Twitter and Instagram. Her lovey-dovey caption leaves no question about the romance.

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides”



Lea posted a few pictures from her hike with Paetz. The two have been photographed on several hikes around the Los Angeles area since they officially became a couple, which is understandable. Surely the two need to get away from the roar of the city to relax with all of the stress that’s been heaped on Michele in the last year. According to the Daily Mail, Lea and Matthew have been basically inseparable. Michele recently asked her boyfriend to move into her $1.4 million mansion to keep her company.


Lea Michele may have blushed a bit when some of the details of Matthew Paetz’s past life emerged. Of course, Lea’s boyfriend after Cory Monteith — whoever it may be — was bound to undergo a certain amount of snooping, but some of the goods uncovered on Matthew go a step beyond normal scrutiny. Paetz was a member of male escort site Cowboys4Angels, with his profile still visible until the site removed it in response to Matthew’s influx in popularity when Michele announced that the pair was officially a couple, reported TMZ. Reportedly, Paetz stopped escorting around the time he met Lea in April.

[Image via Twitter and VieWallpaper]