What A US Airways Flight Attendant Allegedly Did To A Soldier Will Make You Angry

The actions of one U.S. Airways flight attendant has garnered attention across the internet Sunday (October 12).

According to the Daily Mail, an Army Ranger — one of the most decorated special forces divisions in the United States armed forces — was flying U.S. Airways from Portland, Oregon, to Charlotte, North Carolina, and had asked to have his jacket displaying his rank and commendations hung so it would not be wrinkled during his cross-country flight. But a passenger on the flight, Brian Kirby, said the simple request was met with resistance by the flight attendant servicing the flight.

“Her response wasn’t that there’s not space in the coat closet or ‘I’ve hung too many jackets up.’… It was just simply, ‘Our airline policy says I’m not going to do it, so I’m not going to do it.’ I was really appalled at not only the way she looked at him but the way she spoke to him — in an angry way.”

The soldier in question, U.S. Army First Sergeant Albert Marle, did not make a scene about the incident. But while he may have been calm and reserved about the incident, other passengers on the flight took up the cause and stood up for Marle’s right to simple have his Army-issued dress jacket hung so it would not be wrinkled during the flight.

First class passenger Jon Dahlberg was one of those who stood up for Marle, taking the man’s jacket and hanging it on his own seat back so it would not be wrinkled during the flight, he told the Daily Mail.

“I walked back up and hung the jacket simply behind my seat. There’s a difference between policy and doing what is right.”

The Kirbys took the issue to social media, calling out U.S. Airways on Twitter and bringing shame upon the company. Here is one example of the tweets sent out by the Kirbys.

As for U.S. Airways and the flight attendant in question, there has not been much out of them except for this statement to the Daily Mail.

“We have a long and proud history of serving our military members and hold the men and women who serve our country in the highest regard.”

The company can’t seem to win on social media. Remember when they tweeted porn on two different occasions?

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]