Utah Boy Scouts Accidentally Kill Motorcyclist In Case Of ‘Unfortunate’ Timing

Utah Boy Scouts accidentally killed a motorcyclist on Saturday in a story that is still developing, reports St. George News.

The case appears to be one of “unfortunate” timing, authorities claim, as the Boy Scouts in question had “felled a tree” while the man “was traveling north on state Route 12 around 12:40 pm,” the news site claimed.

It was at this point that the man crashed into the falling tree, said Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Joe Dougherty. The tree “had been felled by a group of Boy Scouts with a permit for cutting down trees for firewood,” he added.

Dougherty said the man was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, and that he was “confirmed dead by a doctor” who was with the Boy Scouts at the time of the accident.

Regarding legal issues on the Boy Scouts’ proximity to the road, “or whether they needed to set up cones or flares as warning devices for passing motorists,” the Garfield County Attorney will have to decide, Dougherty said.

More photos of the accident can be viewed at the St. George website (linked above).

In a separate report from Fox 13 Now, it was revealed that the motorcyclist was from out of state, and that his name would not be released to the public until the family was notified.

“The crash occurred in an area officials said was about halfway between Boulder, which is in Garfield County, and Torrey, which is in Wayne County,” the second news site added.

This isn’t the first tragedy to befall Utah Boy Scouts — and it is a tragedy for the kids as well as the victim’s family.

In 2011, a group from Salt Lake paid tribute to one of their own who was killed by a lightning strike. More on that in the touching video below.

In the case that happened Saturday, it will no doubt be difficult for the young men to deal with the issue of witnessing and causing, even if by accident and bad timing, the death of another human being.

The Boy Scouts are considered by many to be an organization that prides itself in teaching boys how to become men, but this is a lesson no troop ever expects to teach.

I wish both the Boy Scouts and the victim’s family strength in dealing with the days ahead, and The Inquisitr will keep you posted of any further developments.

[Image via Utah Highway Patrol via St. George News]