Ohio Fire-Breather Burned While Performing At Halloween-Themed Event

A fire-breather was hospitalized in critical condition, after she was burned while performing a fire-breathing act near Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

The Ohio Dispatch notes that the woman was performing her fire-breathing act at the local Blood Run 5K event. Police and medical emergency personnel got a call at 7:12 p.m. that a person was burned while breathing fire at the arena. Emergency responders then headed to the scene.

According to The Guardian, police scanner reports indicate that the woman was burned on her face, neck, and top half of her body, and was transported to Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University. Initial reports indicated that the woman was in critical condition, and police were unable to give out anymore information. However, shortly after the incident, Ashley Keach of Columbus identified herself on Facebook as the fire-breather. She told her friends that she had suffered some burns, but it seems to be taking the whole thing rather light-heartedly. Her first post about the incident was, “Big woops tonight.” She followed the first post with an update to her physical status.

“So now that I’m leaving I will share with you all that I spent the weekend in the hospital because I caught myself on fire and suffered some burns to my neck and chest.”

Ashley then went on to tell one of her friends that “she should have invested in the flame proof gel.”

One Twitter user who was at the event when the incident occurred made a startling tweet.

“The fire breather just caught on fire.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first incident that left a person injured at a Halloween-themed event this season. In Maine, 22 people were injured with one possible death following a hayride that flipped over.

Another incident happened in Ohio and left a teenage corn maze actor dead. The teen was run over by a “zombie bus” that was transporting paintball-toting passengers through the corn maze to shoot “zombies.” The teen was dressed as a zombie in the field, but as he jumped out from his hiding place, he tripped and fell beneath the bus tire. Authorities say the teen died instantly.

Accidents at these attractions may leave some deciding not to attend Halloween-themed events. However, in one Pennsylvania town, the choice was made for the community. Barrett Township has canceled all Halloween events including a parade, 5K race, and trick-or-treating while the manhunt for accused police murderer and survivalist Eric Frein continues in the area.