God Decides To Mess With God TV, Sends ‘Jezebel’ Jazz Musician To Seduce Founder Rory Alec

God has apparently decided to put the TV network named after Him to a test of Biblical proportions, sending a “Jezebel” to break up the 27-year marriage of Rory and Wendy Alec, the South African couple who founded and ran the Jerusalem-based cable channel.

That, more or less, is what Wendy Alec told her viewers — of which God TV claims more than 950 million — in a special broadcast last week, when she announced that her husband had run off to his native South Africa to carry on an affair with a jazz musician on a farm owned by the alleged seductress’s father.

According to Wendy Alec in the broadcast, a video clip from which can be viewed above, her husband was recording music in an Austrian studio when he was seduced by a young, female jazz musician in a “Satanic assault on God TV, Rory and I” — and that even though the couple had been married since 1987, “the devil got in very, very easily,” when the woman heard God tell her that 46-year-old Rory was the man for her.

Apparently, God had been planning this stunt for quite some time, according to Wendy.

“God knew before the beginning of time that we would face this time,” the God TV co-founder told her worldwide audience of evangelical Christians. “The princes of hell designed a perfect strategy through that seductive Jezebel spirit. It was a real strategic attack against his mind.”

In the Bible stories, the character Jezebel is a pagan who marries Israel’s King Ahab and leads him to worship the forbidden god Baal rather than the true Israelite god. While the name “Jezebel” oddly enough means “chaste,” it has come to refer to any woman who seduces men, supposedly leading them into immoral acts.

Rory Alec issued a statement earlier in October apologizing to God TV viewers for a “moral failure” and announcing that he was resigning from his post at God TV “for now.”

But according to Wendy Alec, her soon-to-be-ex-husband wants no part of the massive TV network the couple created in 1995.

“He doesn’t want to be involved in the ministry anymore and as far as he’s concerned, the marriage is finished,” she said, explaining that she first noticed her husband acting strangely toward her back in March. “He doesn’t want restoration, he doesn’t want counseling, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He wants a new life.”

How did the “devil” manage to infiltrate the Alec’s marriage with such ease? According to Wendy Alec, “the music studio is one of the most seductive environments you can have.”

Wendy Alec assured viewers that God TV would continue broadcasting, even without its founding minister.