Misty Upham’s Father Fears Suicide

Misty Upham, a 32-year-old actress, has been missing since October 5. There are no clues as to where she may be, and her father Charles Upham fears that his daughter may have taken her own life.

In a previous report from Inquisitr, Upham was last seen leaving her sister’s apartment. The authorities responded to a suicide report at her sister’s home, but when they arrived, Upham had already left.

Charles Upham is now saying that his daughter sounded suicidal the last time he talked to her, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“She told me and her mom that we didn’t have to worry about her anymore… I thought it sounded suicidal myself, so I called the police.”

Charles also said that this isn’t the first time Misty had suicidal thoughts saying that her daughter has “always been a suicidal person.” In the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Charles said that Misty used to make suicide threats, but never followed through.

According to NY Daily News, Misty lived with her parents in Los Angeles until June, and they moved to Washington so that Charles could go into rehab after his stroke. Charles said that Misty has a history of mental issues and depression, and was taking medication for her condition. However, he didn’t think that she seemed depressed when they left Los Angeles, as she was able to get work Washington.

Charles suspects that her daughter wasn’t getting the same medical help that she was used to in Los Angeles. He said that she was under the care of a medical team in Los Angeles and was handling herself well, but the help that she received there could not continue when they moved to Washington. Charles is fearing for his daughter’s safety, as he hasn’t been away from her this long.

“I think that she is either in a place where she can’t get help – maybe she fell down and broke her leg and something, or she got in with the wrong crowd. I don’t think she would have taken her own life. I don’t want to think she is dead.”

Misty Upham is best known for her role in the 2008 film Frozen River, where she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female. She also worked alongside Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts as a housekeeper in the movie August: Osage County.

[Image via MTV News]