‘Labyrinth’ Sequel Not Happening After All

Labyrinth sequel reports had the Internet all abuzz with hope, but less than 48 hours later they’ve gone down in flames.

According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, the Variety piece in which the rumor was originally stated was mistaken.

A source from within The Jim Henson Company did confirm that a sequel to The Dark Crystal and a Fraggle Rock movie were on the way, but the Labyrinth sequel isn’t.

The exact words used in the discussion with EW were that “there are currently no plans to reboot, revive, or make a sequel to Labyrinth. It’s one of those legacy titles that is floated at most meetings, but, sadly, nothing is actually in development at the moment.”

The Internet wept.

After all, the news broke Friday and 24 hours is a lot of time to build enthusiasm, anticipation, and fan theories as to what it will be about, who will star, and what direction the company will go.

Here at The Inquisitr, Lisa Carley posed the question of whether Bowie might return. (Thankfully, Lisa didn’t get carried away with the speculation as the Variety report was pretty sparse.)

Even though Labyrinth was a box office flop, the film built a huge cult fan base over the years. Fans enjoyed watching David Bowie’s Goblin King character dance around vivaciously with a hard-not-to-notice crotch bulge after he kidnaps a little baby boy to turn into one of his goblin creatures.

Jennifer Connelly played the baby’s older sister, who went on an otherworldly adventure, learning responsibility and gaining confidence in herself as she set out to rescue her brother back from the enchanting Goblin King.

The boards over at IMDb were particularly hopeful of the sequel.

Some wanted Jared Leto in the sequel based on his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Ideas for a sequel were traded back and forth. One particularly enticing one found Connelly returning to look for her daughter.

“Reintroducing Sarah (An older Jennifer Connelly), she finds that her daughter has gone missing and realizes that she has been looking through some of the old stuff she made when she was younger, bringing back the memories of her youth when she went to Labyrinth. This strikes questions that perhaps her daughter may have gone… so Sarah’s quest is to track down her daughter.”

If only. What do you think, readers? Is it bad news that a Labyrinth sequel is not in the works? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.