Former Michael Vick Pit Bull Has Cancer But Says ‘I Win,’ Find Out Why

Hector the Pit Bull has led a life full of ups and downs. Hector spent his first two years as one of Michael Vick’s pit bulls. He was being groomed for the dog fighting world, but fortunately was able to find a loving home in Minnesota after the Vick dog fighting ring was dismantled in 2007.

The pit bull was adopted by Roo and Clara Yori, with whom he has lived the past seven years as a therapy dog. Hector has a purpose in life. A purpose to prove that dogs like him, even when saved from the most horrible situations, can make a wonderful pet if given the chance. Unfortunately, it seems that Hector the pit bull’s journey is almost over.

Hector was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was not good. In fact, the Yori family had already scheduled a date to euthanize Hector as he began to deteriorate in health. However, before his passing, the family uploaded some final photos to Hector’s Facebook account to outline why Hector can say “I won” to Michael Vick.


“As I prepare to pass and say good-bye, I want to thank all the people that were responsible for giving me the chance I deserved, and all the people that help save other dogs from similar circumstances. Thanks to you, after a couple of really crappy years with Vick and his buddies, I was able to enjoy 7 years of love and fun adventures! I was able to meet all kinds of really cool people, and prove that even dogs saved from horrendous situations should get a shot to show what they are made of. Ideally, it would have been nice for Vick to reconcile with me and all the other dogs from that time, but that didn’t happen. That’s his choice, and that says something in my opinion. My choice, though, was not to allow that past to dictate who I am. As a result, I can say this in regards to my life: I Win!”

Hector truly is a winner, and has even stood up against his cancer and proven to his family that he isn’t ready to go just yet. The euthanization was scheduled for October 9, but after taking some touching last photos with Project Cleo, Hector went on a final walk with the Yori family. It was in that walk that Hector gave it his all and said he was not ready to go. The family said his energy levels came up and he ate two meals. Therefore, they canceled the euthanization and decided to let Hector go on his own terms. A Facebook post from October 10 said, “To confirm that I still have some zest left, today I went for a long walk with Scooby and ate both breakfast and dinner.”

Pit Bull saved from Michael Vick

Though Hector’s life started with a battle and will end with a very real battle with cancer, the time the Pit Bull spent spreading his love and joy for life will not soon be forgotten.