Tamra Barney ‘Extremely Happy’ That Custody Nightmare Has Ended

Tamra Barney’s custody case regarding her two youngest children recently came to an end. Needless to say, the Real Housewives of Orange County star couldn’t be happier to put an end to the ongoing saga between herself and her ex-husband, Simon.

Earlier this year, Simon filed for “sole custody” of the former couple’s three children, Sidney, 15; Spencer, 14; and Sophia, 8, alleging Barney was a “negligent” parent. Since the filing, Barney has insisted that was not the case, and in court, the judge agreed.

Because of a lack of evidence against Barney, the judge dismissed Simon’s request for sole custody, in regard to Spencer and Sophia, leaving the custody of the couple’s oldest child, Sidney, undecided.

“I’m extremely happy!” Barney told Star Magazine on October 10, shortly after her hearing. “I’m so happy this nightmare is over for my children’s sake.”

According to Tamra Barney, Simon’s request for sole custody did more damage than good when it came to their kids.

“What Simon did to tarnish my image was so damaging to the children,” she explained. “To make up horrible stories about the mother of his children is horrible. I’ve never been anything but a wonderful, hands-on mother to our children. Shame on him for putting everyone through such an emotionally draining experience. I hope that this will stop his constant harassing and make him move on with his life.”

Barney also spoke out on Twitter.

As The Inquisitr reported on Friday, Barney’s ex, Simon, released a statement after the hearing, as well.

“I hope that by bringing this court action it will force her to, hopefully, become a better mother,” he told Radar Online on October 10. “I was glad to hear from the judge that if nothing changes, the judge is inclined to give me full custody of Sidney in the very near future. Once I have physical custody of Sidney, I look forward to helping her foster a relationship with her mother.”

Following filming on The Real Housewives of Orange County season nine, it was reported Tamra Barney would not be returning to Bravo for a 10th season. However, according to an October 8 report by The Inquisitr, that is not the case. Although there have been rumors claiming she may have been replaced by Vanessa Bryant, Barney has confirmed she will be on season 10.

Tamra Barney and her ex-husband will be back in court this December to address the custody of Sidney.

[Photo via Twitter]