Gwyneth Paltrow Allegedly ‘Drank Wine And Smoked All Day’ Waiting For Barack Obama

Gwyneth Paltrow was obviously very excited when she received the news that her Brentwood, California, home was to be the venue for a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser on Saturday, with none other than the President of America, Barack Obama, in attendance.

Unfortunately, it seems like the expectation of having the Commander-in-Chief over for a fundraiser, in person, was just too much for Paltrow to take. According to an inside source at the event, she all but fell apart in the lead up.

According to the inside source, who wished to remain nameless when talking to Radar Online, who reported the story, Gwyneth Paltrow was behaving “extremely unpleasant all day,” and was clearly under stress as she was snapping at people.

“She was snappy with the people that were there and even yelled at one of the workers for not doing the table placements correctly,” the insider told the publication.

Apparently, Gwyneth woke up in a jumpy mood and was clearly nervous and a little overwhelmed.

The insider continued, “That was in the beginning of the day so everyone stayed clear of her from that point on, as we were all instructed to do.”

Roughly 100 workers were at the Paltrow residence for the event, with security personnel, florists, caterers, and interior designers, among others, roaming around preparing for the fundraiser.

The source continued, “She was walking around on her phone and talking really loud to friends, letting everyone know that the president was coming to her house, as if everyone didn’t know already. She kept saying that she was pissed off because everything was running behind schedule.”

Alarmingly, instead of taking the proverbial bull by the horns, Gwyneth Paltrow decided to do the next best thing and grab the wine and a packet of cigarettes, which she started with pretty early in the morning.

“At around 10 am, she started drinking wine and she was smoking cigarettes all day,” the source said.

Despite Gwyneth’s stressing, the event was reportedly a success, and we hoped it would be, as tickets for a seat there ranged from $1,000 to over $32,000!