Ex-Convict Shot During Ambush Within Minutes Of Being Released From Prison

An ex-convict was shot by another ex-convict about 15 minutes after he was released from a New York prison.

According to The Associated Press, New York State Police claim the ex-convict, Devon Simmons, was ambushed and shot in a revenge-style crime for a previous altercation in prison.

Simmons served 15 years, some of which was in the medium-security Otisville state prison in Orange County where he was released, for an assault conviction. The 33-year-old was released on Thursday morning, and was told a car was outside waiting to take him away from the prison, even though the ex-convict was planning on taking a train at a train station located not far from the prison.

A man named Edgar Wilson was waiting for Simmons outside the prison, and Simmons did not recognize Wilson as someone he knew. According to police Capt. Pierce Gallagher, Wilson told the ex-convict that Simmons’ cousin sent him to pick him up from the prison and take him home to Manhattan. Simmons believed the stranger, and decided to go with him.

“He ends up jumping in the car, believing it was sent by relatives.”

Wilson took Simmons for a short drive, and pulled over to relieve himself in the woods nearby. Simmons also got out of the car, and was then immediately ambushed, according to Gallagher.

“Then the trunk latch is released and a guy he does know jumps out of the trunk and starts shooting. The minute he sees the guy, he starts running.”

The recently released ex-convict recognized Jerome Mack, another ex-convict, as the person who jumped out of the trunk. Mack used a handgun to shoot Simmons, striking him twice in the shoulder and the arm. Simmons was able to run back to the train station, which was not far away, after being shot. Police were subsequently called.

Simmons was hospitalized for his gunshot wounds, and the wounds are not considered to be life-threatening. He underwent surgery at Westchester Medical Center, but no updated details about his condition were available, according to Fox News.

Ex-convict Mack and his accomplice, Wilson, were both found in Manhattan hours later and arrested, according to The Associated Press. They were placed in jail for attempted murder, and it was not clear if the men had lawyers.

Gallagher claimed there was “bad blood” between the two ex-convicts from meeting in a different prison at some point in time, but he would not comment on the details of the issue between the men which led to one of them being shot.