Kim Kardashian Battles Weight Gain With ‘Torture’ Workouts And Red Carpet Diet [Video]

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has been honest about her determination to lose the last of her post-baby bulges. Admitting that she sometimes binges on carbohydrates such as bread and bagels, the brunette beauty tweeted that she’s now combining her ketogenic low carb diet with extra time in the gym. Kardashian even thanked celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak for sharing his no pain, no gain discipline, revealed E! News.

“ughhh my workouts this week were torture! @harleypasternak is killing me lol! I literally can’t walk..thanks Harley,” Kim posted on Twitter.

Kardashian also used social media to express her frustration about her inability to whittle her waistline. It’s been 12 months since little North West was born, and Kim made it clear that she can’t understand why her efforts in the gym, combined with a low carb diet, haven’t gotten her to her weight loss goal.

“Off to an intense workout. Can’t seem to shake this last 15-20 lbs of baby weight. No more excuses. My baby is 1 years old! UGH. I’m not gonna call it baby weight bc that’s an excuse. I just gained weight & that’s it.”

However, Kim has lost some of her excess weight. She proudly wore a revealing gown when she visited Jay Leno’s show in an attempt to fire back at critics.

Although Kardashian hasn’t stated how much she wants to weigh, she emphasized that she longs for her body to snap back into pre-pregnancy shape. She also asked for input from other new moms as to whether their shapes seem to have permanently changed.

“Do any of u moms see their bodies just not the same?” Kardashian questioned. “A different shape? Ughhh my hips & butt are huge now! They were big to begin with! Just need to get down to my weight a few years ago.”

Kim now views that diet rant as the start of her low carb diet, she told E! News. She chose the Atkins program, which is a high fat ketogenic diet that emphasizes protein, healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables.

And Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity new mom on the Atkins weight loss plan. As the Inquisitr revealed, Kendra Wilkinson also chose that diet to lose her own post-pregnancy pounds.

“I researched the perfect diet for after baby… I love meat, I love vegetables, it’s low-carb… it’s working so good… You have to go on a diet and really take care of your body,” said Kendra.

But although Kim has been trying to follow the low carb diet, the Kardashian family’s visit to Paris caused Kim to give into temptation, according to the Belfast Telegraph. With buttery croissants piled high on her plate at every meal, the reality TV star found it difficult to resist.

Kim also indulged in forbidden carbohydrates because of stress, said sources. The slim models made her feel competitive. And she is also worried about gaining weight if she has a second baby.

“She hates being pregnant, and says even thinking about it gets her all panicky,” an insider told British magazine Heat. “When Kim was pregnant with North, it was a horrible and very lonely time for her.”

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]