Kendra Wilkinson Talks Marriage ‘Mess’ And Low-Carb Diet Weight Loss Success [Video]

Kendra Wilkinson thought that she had it all when she married Hank Baskett III. The former National Football League player seemed like the perfect man, and their decision to have children resulted in a picture-perfect marriage. But as rumors that Hank cheated with a transgender model escalate, Kendra feels that her triumph has turned to tragedy. And all that crumbling perfection leaves her baffled as to the right move, even as she stubbornly continues to promote the new season of their WE tv reality show Kendra on Top, telling E News about her indecision as to the next move.

“We’re talking about Hank — the most perfect gentleman, Christian, the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect man. He caters to my every move. He’s never even yelled at me before and here we are dealing with this mess.”

Their magnificent marriage began to resemble a “mess” four months ago, when Hank found himself faced with lurid tabloid descriptions of his alleged affair with a transsexual woman. Although Baskett claims that there is no truth to those allegations, Wilkinson fears that more such reports will surface. Are there red flags for their future?

“What if there is more that comes out?” Kendra asked. “I can’t sit here and say I’m going to stay with him and then tomorrow another story comes out. What if this is another Tiger Woods situation?”

Kendra Wilkinson hasn’t tried to hide her stress from viewers. As USA Today pointed out, she’s candid about her reaction to the shocking scandal.

“You’re seeing my initial reaction to the news. You’re seeing how I’m feeling. What I’m thinking. What I’m believing. It was really really hard to be hit with that. And that’s when all hell broke loose. My whole world went upside down.”

Kendra is Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend. And with that training, she knows how to put a positive spin on any situation. As a result, Wilkinson has shared her decision to take time to lose her baby weight. She’s been vocal about the details of how she lost 55 pounds with the low carb ketogenic Atkins weight loss plan, revealed Realityea.

“I researched the perfect diet for after baby… I love meat, I love vegetables, it’s low-carb… it’s working so good… You have to go on a diet and really take care of your body.”

As the Inquisitr pointed out, low carb diets such as the Atkins ketogenic program have become increasingly popular due to studies showing that they are the fastest approach for weight loss. Kendra has made it clear that she feels good about her appearance — even as she admits to feeling stressed about the future of her marriage.

So will the reality show continue to film every detail of their disintegrating relationship?

“It’s therapeutic to me,” Kendra declared. “I have no shame. I’ve always been an honest person. It actually helps me because I get to talk about my feelings.”

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