Real Housewives — In Real Life! What If Everyone Really Acted Like The Reality TV Superstars?

The Real Housewives franchise shows have been some of the most popular “reality” programs on television since they started in 2006 with the Real Housewives of Orange County — a show originally intended to be nothing more than a cheap, cable knockoff of the hit ABC drama Desperate Housewives.

But Real Housewives caught on, and has since bee spun off into not just two or three, but seven different versions of Real Housewives, each set in a different city and each purporting to show the day-to-day dramas in the “real” lives of wealthy women with far too much time on their hands.

The show has gone on to spawn its own brand of stars, including such “real” rich “housewives” as convicted criminal Teresa Guidice, and actress-fashionista NeNe Leakes, who went on to a recurring role on the Fox musical series Glee.

Now, it’s probably not news to say that the “reality” part of Real Housewives is about as “real” as WWE wrestling — but what if it actually was real? What if you showed up for work one day and found your co-workers were suddenly acting just like the Real Housewives?

Well, that reality would probably look a lot like this video from our very real pals at BuzzFeed, who wanted to see what life would be like if actual reality was like “reality” TV.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Real Housewives, we think you’ll find this look at their very unreal “reality” pretty funny.