Mila Kunis Falls Even ‘Deeper In Love’ With Ashton Kutcher – Here’s Why!

Mila Kunis loves Ashton Kutcher now more than ever before, according to a report released by E! on Thursday.

Since Mila Kunis gave birth to Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher on October 1, reports confirm that Mila and Ashton have been “enjoying every minute” of their parenting experience.

Watching Ashton father their first child together has been a great experience for Mila Kunis all by itself, according to what an inside source expressed to E! Online. It has completely changed the way that Mila Kunis feels about her former co-star and future husband.

“Mila is saying seeing Ashton with Wyatt has made her fall deeper in love with him, it melts her heart.”

Ashton did not waste hardly any time when it came to taking on the role as a protective father after Mila Kunis gave birth. Ashton even posted the first photos of his newborn daughter on his official Facebook page with a powerful message telling interested paparazzi to back off since he was giving them what they wanted.

“Here’s your baby photo. Well, one of them is. Now can the helicopter please stop hovering over our house, there is a baby sleeping inside! And she’s super cute.”

As is the case with most parents that have newborn babies, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are not able to get very much sleep right now through the night. However, according to E!, they “make each other laugh to get through it.”

Perhaps Mila Kunis should thank Demi Moore for Ashton Kutcher’s seemingly natural fathering abilities. This is primarily because Ashton was undoubtedly able to learn a lot helping her with her three daughters during their eight-year marriage.

With the holidays right around the corner, Mila Kunis nor Ashton Kutcher have had the time to make any travel plans. However, the inside source had a lot to say about this in their interview with E! as well.

“They are still decided what they want to do. The baby will be a bit older, so they can travel. But they also like the idea of everyone coming here and staying in their new place.”

Perhaps once the holidays are out of the way and Wyatt is a little older, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher will finally be able to set a wedding date.

What do you think? Will Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis take their relationship into the world of matrimonial bliss in 2015?

[Image Credit: OK Magazine! and CWN Live]