Rumors: Kim Jong-Un Under House Arrest After Being Replaced By Sister

It’s safe to say that no-one really knows who is running North Korea at the moment. The latest rumor to have emerged surrounding its leader, Kim Jong-Un, is that is he is now under house arrest and has been replaced by his sister, Kim Yo-Jong.

Of course, that has in no-way been confirmed. Kim Jong-Un hasn’t been seen in public since September 3, and there have been various media reports that he has actually got gout, and is unable to hold office in his condition.

Fresh press circulation started to do the rounds after Kim failed to appear at a celebration to mark the 69th anniversary of his political party. The event was held in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Due to his absence, rumors immediately started to swirl that he had indeed been overthrown from his position, and his sister had taken over his duties.

One army official, who has defected from Korea, even recently revealed that North Korea was actually in the middle of a civil war, while it has also been suggested that Kim Jong-Un has been forced to flee the capital and that it’s now in lockdown. South Korean media have instead insisted that Kim is struggling due to a number of illnesses, and that his sister has taken over while he recovers. They noted that he has diabetes, high-blood pressure and gout, while it’s also been declared that he won’t be seen in public for around another three months.

According to the Mirror, his disappearance is down to his lavish lifestyle, and after damaging both of his ankles while wearing Cuban heels during a tour he has decided to recuperate away from the public eye. One insider told the publication that Kim-Jong Un injured his ankle playing soldiers during a military exercise, explaining, “He ordered all the generals to join in – crawling running and rolling around. He pulled a tendon.”

Meanwhile a Washington source has revealed that Western governments aren’t taking talk of Kim-Jong Un’s demise seriously. A source even told The New York Times that the variety of rumors doing the rounds are just wishful thinking.

“The last time was when everyone was predicating that Kim Jong-Un would be pushed aside by his more experienced uncle. And look what happened to him.”

Jang Song-Thaek was murdered in January after he was accused of trying to overthrow Kim Jong-Un. It’s also believed that the ruthless dictator ordered that Song-Thaek’s children, brothers, and grandchildren were executed too.

[Image via Gannett]