WWE News: Former WWE Superstar CM Punk To Host A Reality Show?

In a surprising report, it appears that former WWE Champion CM Punk could find himself relatively busy in the coming months. CM Punk left the WWE back in January of this year, but his WWE contract officially expired this past summer. Punk is now clear to do whatever he wants. He could even go to another wrestling promotion if he felt the need. It is well known that Punk would not head to another organization, as he is done with wrestling altogether. However, many still hope to see him wrestle in some capacity.

Now, we could see the Straight Edge Superstar host a reality show.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer spoke on the FWOnline message board about Punk being offered an opportunity to host a reality show when he left WWE. He did not go into details on whether this was after he left WWE in January, or after his WWE deal expired this past summer. However, a major network was reportedly trying to get in contact with him about it.

Meltzer stated, “No idea if he’s doing it, but can factually tell you since the guy in charge of the show went through me to get his contact info.”

Punk Heyman

In a world where you just do not know if the truth is there with your sources, there is nothing like getting it from the guy in charge. Clearly, if someone contacted Dave to get Punk’s information, then he would know.

Punk has the type of personality that would work well for such a venture, for sure.

CM Punk is currently a free agent, doing whatever he feels led to do. He was at E3 this past summer, and has done a bit of work on other projects. Punk made his first wrestling appearance since leaving WWE at an OVW event last weekend. He did not appear in front of the crowd, but rather was backstage at the event. Original reports claimed that people were told not to bother him, as he was there to only visit with a few choice people.

OVW Director of Television Michael Baldwin shot down those rumors.

“Trailer Park Trash (wrestler) was not in the Davis Arena that night. No one was told not to bother CM Punk, there was no meeting held. Punk was here to talk old times with Danny Davis as the two are friends, and spent most of the time in Danny’s office. We wanted to clear things up with the article which was posted on October 6. Thank you.”

Punk AJ

Punk may never come back to Pro-Wrestling, which is sad to see. However, his wife and WWE Diva AJ Lee is currently going strong as the company’s top Diva. Her WWE deal is not set to expire for a while, so one would imagine that Punk would want to keep himself busy while waiting around for AJ to have off-days. WWE’s schedule is pretty long and rigorous, so AJ and Punk most likely do not get a lot of time to see each other.

There is no word on what network was trying to contact Punk, much less what the reality show would be about. There is also no confirmation that Punk accepted the opportunity to do it. However, one could imagine that he might consider it. It is far less stressful than his work in WWE. So anything he does for TV now will be much easier on him to handle.

Punk may never be WWE bound again, but we can imagine that Punk will get bored sitting around doing nothing. If a network offers him a good deal to host a reality show, I don’t think it would be something Punk would suddenly turn down. We will have to see if he does it or not. This would be a good way for him to start a new career, so we shall see.

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