Amazing Update: Over $20,000 Raised For Homeless Veteran Who Had His Sign Torn By A Magician [Video]

Rob Anderson is known for his street magic, but when he performed a special trick for a homeless veteran, the video went viral. Anderson had hoped to use the video as a means to help raise money for the man, known for his sign that told people passing by to “smile.”

Image of Alan with his "Smile" sign.
Image of Alan with his “Smile” sign.

Alan McCracken, the homeless man featured in the viral video, is a United States Army veteran who proudly served his country for six years before being honorably discharged. According to Anderson, the GoFundMe page was setup after kind viewers asked if there was a way they could help the man in the video.

“After his service ended, he fell on hard times and wound up homeless, living on the streets and eventually making his way to Las Vegas. Many who watched the video were struck by Alan’s kindness toward me by picking up a pen cap that I dropped while drawing on his sign (if you haven’t seen the video, please watch it to understand context). Requests have poured in for more info about Alan by people wanting to know his story and how they can help.”

Thus the GoFundMe page for Alan was born. The video was uploaded on October 1 and the GoFundMe page link added shortly after. The initial goal was to raise $25,000 for the homeless man, but Anderson had no idea how quickly people would spring into action. As of the time of this posting, the GoFundMe page has raised $22,736!

That isn’t the only good news.

“Alan has been able to get assistance in temporarily getting off the streets through the VA here in Las Vegas. He is currently sleeping on a bunk bed in a room with 3 other veterans, and has his meals and other basic necessities provided by the VA. When I spoke with him, he had his usual positive attitude about his situation, and is optimistic about his search for a job now that he has temporary housing provided for him.”

Now that is some real magic.

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