A Man Rips Up A Homeless Veteran’s Sign, What Happens Next Is Amazing [Video]

What happens when a man approaches a homeless veteran and rips up his sign? In this viral video uploaded to YouTube, you can see that something endearing and compassionate results.

YouTube star Rob Anderson, a magician known for his street magic, heard about a homeless veteran who was known for extremely kind demeanor and sign encouraging all those who pass him, donation or not, to smile. Anderson wanted to do something special for the homeless veteran so decided to do a little magic with the man’s sign.

The homeless man’s sign read “anything helps.” Anderson used that phrase to create a trick that would shock not only those watching the YouTube video but the homeless veteran as well. Anderson can be seen approaching the man and asking to see his sign. The man reluctantly gives it to him. Anderson pulls out a magic marker and draws some dollar signs on the cardboard. Anderson says, “anything helps, does this help?” The homeless man is confused and says “not really.”

At this point Anderson can be seen ripping the sign up. The sign is ripped and folded as Anderson keeps saying “anything helps.” Right as the magic trick was ending, the homeless veteran jokes with Anderson asking if he is possibly one of those street magicians who could turn the sign into a wad of cash. Anderson then pulls the pieces apart and dollars fall out onto the ground.

Anderson informs the man he can keep his sign and the money. Anderson then walks away and tells the man to smile. This isn’t the first time that Anderson has performed magic to help the homeless. He also did some magic to help feed the homeless.

Anderson did note to those concerned in his video comments that he did stick around after the video camera was turned off to help the man pick up the bills from the ground.

Conversely, an elderly veteran was fired from Cracker Barrel for feeding a homeless man.

What do you think of Rob Anderson’s attempts to help the homeless with street magic?

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