UFO Or Hoax? ‘Flying Saucer’ Filmed Stalking Passenger Plane Over Seattle

Dustin Wicksell - Author

Oct. 9 2014, Updated 10:49 a.m. ET

Eerie footage of a UFO has emerged, purportedly filmed through the window of a passenger jet over Seattle, as the saucer-shaped object appeared to shadow the plane.

The footage, posted to YouTube on October 6, depicts an object moving in and out of heavy cloud cover. According to Metro, the UFO was filmed from the right side of a passenger plane flying over Seattle, Washington. Though the image appears grainy, the UFO exhibits an outline typically associated with flying saucers, and darts in and out of clouds while apparently unnoticed by passengers.

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As The Examiner points out, there are several issues with the video. No window frame is visible in the footage, which lasts roughly two minutes in length. No reference point exists to prove the claim that the UFO is being filmed outside of an aircraft, while the audio track exhibits only the routine sounds associated with a passenger jet. If the UFO in the video actually was filmed from a commercial aircraft, then the passengers aboard must have been completely unaware of the flying saucer just off their wing.

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If the footage is indeed a hoax, then it no doubt benefits from the poor video quality achieved by filming out of an airplane window, into clouds, with a cheap camera. If, however, the UFO in the video actually is a flying saucer, then the footage is hindered by those very same elements.

“In other words, it could be a stunning example of extraterrestrial life unintentionally revealing itself to humanity,” The Examiner notes. “Or, the most brilliant UFO fake ever.”

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While the footage is compelling, UFO sightings are surprisingly commonplace. Recently, sightings of UFOs in the skies over Colorado prompted an investigation by military authorities, as The Inquisitr previously noted. Multiple objects were spotted last Friday morning, allegedly forming straight lines or triangles in the sky. Though NORAD asserted that they were not tracking any unidentified objects over Colorado, UFOs were reported by several observers in the area.

UFO enthusiasts have speculated about the video, questioning what could cause a flying saucer to appear in plain sight. One YouTube user theorized that the UFO could be testing the aircraft’s ability to detect it, asserting his belief that the apparent flying saucer may have wanted to be observed.

[Image: UFOThings2014 via Metro]


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