Stephen Collins Suicide Claims, Police Respond To Reports Of Gunfire

Did 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins commit suicide? The short answer is no. That said, it wouldn’t be so hard to believe. In the last 24 hours Collins’ life has been turned upside down. Audio was released of the veteran actor allegedly confessing to child molestation claims. Due to this he’s been fired from his latest role in Ted 2, and stepped down from his position at the board of Screen Actors Guild.

If anyone is free falling in Hollywood, it would be Stephen Collins. The actor, who played a reverend on the wholesome show 7th Heaven, has had a seemingly spotless record in the public eye, and now that has all changed. So this lead the West Valley Police Department taking a suspected suicide very seriously.

According to US Weekly, “suspicious noises that sounded like gunfire” was heard while the press was stationed outside of Collins’ home.

A rep from the police department said. “The officers walked into the house, it was empty. No one was home and there was no evidence of any shooting or gunshot, nothing happened.”

The report that Collins had committed suicide made it all the way to Twitter. Donna D’Errico, a former Baywatch actress, was fueling on the gossip when she tweeted that the actor had taken his own life. The tweet was then deleted and she put out an apology.

“I just tweeted out what I was being told by my neighbor who were on scene. I apologize for tweeting what I’d heard before confirming it.”

As of right now police do not know who made the call about the actor committing suicide. That said, police are currently investigating the matter.

“We don’t know who made the call, it’s still under investigation to see if it’s a prank or not.”

Early in September, the 7th Heaven cast reunited for a dinner with many laughs. Cast Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell, Barry Watson, David Gallagher, Catherine Hicks and Stephen Collins reunited for the first time in eight years for dinner and reminiscing.

At the time Beverley Mitchell tweeted, “My heart is overflowing! Love these peeps more than I can ever explain!” Immediately after the news broke about Stephen Collins’ alleged behavior with minors, Mitchell cryptically tweeted out a quote.

Moments ago, Mitchell tweeted out another message to her followers in the wake of the news.

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