‘7th Heaven’ Star Stephen Collins Allegedly Confesses To Child Molestation

Actor Stephen Collins, who was best known for playing a minister and father to seven children on the hit WB show 7th Heaven, has allegedly admitted to incidents involving pedophile behavior. Now TMZ has revealed that there’s audio of the actor admitting that he had “three incidents.”

The audio contains the 7th Heaven actor admitting on tape to his wife Faye Grant, about his alleged inappropriate behavior with underage girls. Grant is heard asking Collins, “When you exposed yourself to ****’s 10-year-old sister, did you have an erection?”

Stephen Collins was heard replying, “No, I mean it.. no? Partial, maybe I think?”

To confirm Collins’ estranged wife asked again, “Partial erection?” Collins confirmed, “Maybe, yes.”

When the 7th Heaven actor admits to this, Grant becomes emotional and presses on. “How did you talk to her? What kinds of things did you say?”

At that point a therapist present in the room intervenes and even asks Collins’ wife, “What is it that you are looking for?” Grant, isn’t deterred and asks Collins again about the incident. “What kinds of things did you say?”

“The exposure happened a couple of times. I said on the list it happened several times. I said on the disclosure. It happened.”

Grant then replied, “With a 10-year-old. Okay.”

Collins at that point clarified, “Well.. no.. she was 11, and then like, 12, and 13.”

Throughout the session Grant justifiably goes through a wave of emotions. When Collins reveals just how rooted this situation is, she sounds extremely shocked, and is even heard saying, “Oh my God.”

Despite this Collins continues on, “This is in the disclosure and I told you before there was one instance, where for there was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis. That was also.. I also told you that.. Before that when we were in the hotel. It lasted a few seconds, and that was the last time anything ever.”

According to TMZ the relative that is discussed is a relative of Collins’ first wife, Marjorie Weinman. There are two other incidents that Collins admits to involving underage girls., and one took place in their neighborhood where he lived with Grant in Los Angeles.

The recording of Collins admitting to child molestation comes from therapy sessions he had with Faye. Currently the two are in the middle of a long divorce proceeding. At the time, Faye, taped her husband admitting to these incidents without his knowledge.

At the time, Faye’s attorney advised her to record Collins during the therapy session, and told her that it was legal.

Currently we don’t have any information regarding when these molestations took place.

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