Investigators Perform 17-Hour Search Of Baby Lisa Irwin's Home

James Johnson

It took 17-hours and a group dressed in hazmat suits but investigators have finally finished up an exhaustive search of baby Lisa Irwin's home, the 11-month old baby that went missing this month.

While the home had been lightly searched in the past with permission from the girls parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin this was the first time that a search warrant was issued.

Investigators turned the home upside down and used x-ray technology to search for hidden objects.

Kansas City Police Department Capt. Steve Young told

"This has been an ongoing case for weeks now, and it's safe to imagine in the course of it what we've learned -- new pieces of information that are pushing the case forward."

Since the days of the disappearance police have tried extensively to re-create the window break-in scenario the parents had described.

While police have not revealed why they have returned to the home it's likely new evidence was found to persuade a judge that a full invasive search of the home was necessary.

Currently a $100,000 reward is being offered for information that helps investigators find Baby Lisa, because of that reward they have spend two weeks clearing more than 550 tips and leads.